The READ: Ephemera, Run
June 30, 2010

The most interesting piece I read in the Times last week—excluding the profile in which Reykjavik’s new mayor said that he would rule out as a coalition partner “any party whose members had not seen all five seasons of ‘The Wire’”—was Book Review editor (and TNR contributor) Sam Tanenhaus’s 2,500-word exploration of John Updike’s archive.

Mccain's Terrible Historical Amnesia
January 31, 2008

While it may have seemed innocuous, John McCain's answer to last night's debate question, "Would Ronald Reagan endorse you?" should be enough to unnerve (though perhaps not surprise) any Cold War historian not firmly committed to Reagan Victory School-hackery. When asked the same question, Romney took the chance to preen about immigration and Mike Huckabee talked about sunny optimism. McCain, however, harped on two important but relatively obscure episodes in the annals of U.S.-Soviet arms control negotiation: "Ronald Reagan came with an unshakable set of principles, and there were many times

Tehran Twist
March 28, 2005

Lawrence Kaplan on Bush's new Iran policy.