Rich Lowry

Obama Atttacks Conservative Anti-Empiricism
October 19, 2010

Last Saturday, President Obama said this at a fundraiser: In some ways what is remarkable is how despite this body blow that the country took, the country once again has proven more resilient and more adaptable and more dynamic than I think a lot of folks give us credit for. But it's also to remind you that we've got so much more work to do.

Daily Caller Doubles Down On National Review Smear
September 29, 2010

The Daily Caller, following up on its vague, wildly unpersuasive article claiming that National Review and House Republicans "prearranged" an editorial praising the Pledge to America, doubles down with another attack on NR, in keeping with the publication's method of responding to questions about its credibility by broadening the attack.

The Unmooring Of David Frum
July 06, 2010

David Frum, the former Bush speechwriter, started his career as apostate Republican primarily arguing that the party needed to move to the center on strategic grounds. But now he's starting to say some really ideologically heterodox things: America suffers much more child poverty than do comparably wealthy countries – Germany, France, Canada, etc.

The Search For Foreign Models
June 22, 2010

Rich Lowry and Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review: The American Left has shared this maddened perplexity at its country’s character and this hope for its effacement. Marxists at home and abroad were always mystified by the failure of socialism in the U.S. They thought that, as the most advanced capitalist society, we would have had the most restive proletariat. Instead we have had a broad and largely satisfied middle class. Even our unions, in their early history, were anti-statist, their radicalism anarchistic rather than socialist.

Liberalism and the American Exception
March 25, 2010

Blogging at World Affairs, David Rieff has written several recent posts in which he explores, and severely criticizes, the idea of American exceptionalism and its influence on the conduct of American foreign policy. Along the way he also has some flattering things to say about my own examination of the idea in several posts over the past nine months. But he also voices some concerns about my position. As he writes, Linker is only willing to call for [the] modification [of exceptionalist thinking], not its abandonment.

The Health Care Repeal Fantasy
March 09, 2010

National Review editor Rich Lowry makes the case that Republicans can repeal health care reform if it passes: Obama's original choice for health-care czar, Tom Daschle, warned Democrats long ago that bulldozing reform through on a narrow basis would make it liable to repeal. He cited the example of Australia, where reforms were passed, repealed, and passed again throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

Today's Wehner Fallacy
February 19, 2010

National Review Editor Rich Lowry: Obama wouldn’t tame the impatient Left because he’s part of it. After he won in 1964, Lyndon Johnson told his aides he’d won by 16 million votes and would lose a million votes’ worth of support every month, so he had to act fast. Obama made the same calculation, but on behalf of an agenda that wasn’t popular. If people had been persuaded of its merits, Obama could have made Republicans pay the price for obstruction. “Public sentiment is everything,” Abraham Lincoln said.

Screw Job
December 23, 2009

President Obama is like a pilot who took the controls of the plane in mid-flight after the engines fell out. It’s obvious that he didn’t cause the problem. But the passengers are going to focus on the fact that the plane was still airborne before he took over, and now, he’s crash-landing in the ocean. That’s Obama’s problem in the debate over the economy. His arguments are true. The trouble is, they don’t feel true, and they feel less and less true as time goes by. Republicans focus relentlessly on the simple fact that the economy is in worse shape now than it was before Obama took office.

Spinning Public Opinion
October 06, 2009

National Review editor Rich Lowry gloats over the rightward turn of the electorate: It all explains the Obama administration’s rush to push sweeping legislation. The fall from grace of George W. Bush, coupled with the financial crisis, created a golden hour for American liberalism. The public’s attitudes shifted left, and anything — a New New Deal! a Greater Great Society! — seemed possible.

National Review Vs. Andy Mccarthy, Ctd.
August 18, 2009

It's not exactly William F. Buckley taking on the Birchers, but the clearer heads over at National Review have been making tentative, intermittent efforts to disassociate conservatism from its craziest adherents. The problem, of course, is that some of those adherents work for National Review.