Richard Cordray

Why Do Republicans Hate Democracy?
September 07, 2011

Richard Cordray, President Obama's choice to head the new consumer financial protection bureau, came to Capitol Hill for his confirmation hearings on Tuesday. And, by all accounts, even Republican members of the Senate Banking Committee were impressed. Via ABC News:  He appeared to be liked personally by [Ranking Minority member Richard] Shelby and Bob Corker of Tennessee, the other Republican at the committee confirmation hearing.

Liberals, Lay Off Richard Cordray: He’ll Be a Great Consumer Watchdog
July 20, 2011

Poor Richard Cordray. Ever since he was nominated earlier this week to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), liberals have given him a rather cold reception. The reason is simple: He is not Elizabeth Warren. Paul Krugman called Obama’s abandonment of Warren—whom Republicans had vowed to block—“really sad,” while National Journal reported that the selection “did nothing to gin up Obama’s base.” It’s no surprise that liberals reacted this way, given the enthusiasm they have for Warren.

The New Nullification: GOP v. Obama Nominees
July 19, 2011

Elizabeth Warren won’t get a chance to run the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but Richard Cordray may. And perhaps that's good news. Warren, the Harvard Law Professor and champion of consumer interests, may run for the U.S. Senate, seeking the seat Ted Kennedy once occupied and that Republican Scott Brown now does. Although a first-time candidate, she could be formidable. As for Cordray, the former Ohio attorney general, he was the first state official to sue a mortgage servicer over foreclosure fraud.