Rick Perry

What Rick Perry Understands About Ebola That Ted Cruz Doesn't
October 06, 2014

Opportunistic Republicans are calling for travel bans and mandatory quarantines. The experts say those steps wouldn't help—and might actually hurt.

Rick Perry 2016 Will Be Even More Disastrous Than Rick Perry 2012
August 25, 2014

The Texas governor is already putting his foot in his mouth again.

Not So Fast: Don't Write Off the Case Against Rick Perry
August 20, 2014

Rick Perry wants you to think he's a victim of a political witchhunt. He's wrong.

Rick Perry's Decision to Send the National Guard to the Border Still Makes No Sense
July 29, 2014

They can't make arrests. So they can't actually do anything. 

Obama Understands the Border Crisis Better Than Rick Perry. His Child-Migrant Plan Proves It.
July 25, 2014

A humanitarian crisis demands a humanitarian response—not more guns on the border.

QEDaily: Welcome to Texas, Mr. President
July 09, 2014

The latest on the border crisis

It's OK to Choose to Be Gay
June 16, 2014

Rick Perry said homosexuality is like alcoholism. He's wrong, but the LGBT movement could learn something from his ignorance.