Ron Klain

The New Ebola Czar Isn't a Doctor. Should We Care?
October 17, 2014

The new Ebola czar is a manager, not a doctor. 

Want To Help Combat Ebola? Get a Flu Shot
October 17, 2014

You'll help keep ERs clear—and give yourself peace of mind. 

Revealed: The Insiders Whose Kids Got White House Internships
September 24, 2013

America has an uneasy relationship with the idea of the unpaid internship. On the one hand, it’s a way for young people to get some experience and learn some things.

Paging Kevin Spacey
November 12, 2008

Roll Call is reporting that Ron Klain will be Biden’s chief of staff. Klain served in the same position under Al Gore. (He was also the main character in HBO's Recount. Photo from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.) --Seyward Darby