Ron Wyden

Obama's Intraparty Trade Fight Has Officially Begun
April 16, 2015

This is only going to get uglier as the bill advances.

Did Congress Intend to Sabotage Obamacare? Just Ask Scott Brown.
July 23, 2014

Here's proof that conservatives are badly mistaken or lying when they say Congress meant to sabotage Obamacare.

The Senate Finance Committee Just Got A Lot More Liberal
February 20, 2014

Oregon's Ron Wyden is in charge now.

Clapper and Wyden: Scenes from a Sandbagging
July 02, 2013

At the now famous NSA hearing, Ron Wyden laid a dirty trap for the man who runs the National Security Agency. Why we shouldn't applaud.

The Nicest Thing You Can Say About Max Baucus
April 23, 2013

Senator Max Baucus is retiring. And that means you are about to read a lot of stories about how awful his tenure was, particularly for progressives.

The Definitive Guide to the Medicare Debate
August 22, 2012

My best effort to cut through the Romney-Ryan doublespeak on Medicare and explain what they really want.

Were the Recess Appointments Constitutional? The Case for Yes
January 05, 2012

Should President Obama use the recess appointment power when Republicans in Congress refuse even to consider his nominees? You better believe it. Not only are Republicans blocking Obama’s nominations at a record rate. They are doing so in order to impose their own ideological agenda and, in some cases, to undermine duly passed laws they don't like but can't repeal. That’s a modern-day form of nullification, as the political scientist Thoman Mann has put it and the Atlantic's James Fallows has been trying, desperately, to remind people.

The Medicare Debate: What It's Really About
December 19, 2011

Ron Wyden and Paul Ryan got everybody’s attention last week when, together, they endorsed the idea of turning Medicare into a voucher scheme. But exactly how similar are their visions? I’m starting to wonder. In interviews with Igor Volsky of Think Progress and with yours truly, Wyden was emphatic about protecting traditional Medicare and what it offered seniors. “I would never do anything to shred it, or weaken it, or harm it in any way,” Wyden had told me.

Five Thoughts on the GOP Debate
December 15, 2011

Watch the latest video at And that's a wrap. The Republican presidential candidates are done debating, at least until the caucuses and primaries begin. Who won Thursday night's event in Iowa? Who lost? I have no idea, as I'm neither an Iowan nor a Republican. But here are five semi-informed (and perhaps semi-intelligent) observations on what transpired.  1. Proof that Newt Gingrich is in trouble. Go back and pay attention to Mitt Romney’s answers on Thursday night. He talked about the economy and his experience in the private sector.

Ron Wyden, Paul Ryan, and the Future of Medicare
December 15, 2011

Senator Ron Wyden has an unofficial fan club and I consider myself a charter member. I joined in late 2006, right after the midterm elections, when a newly energized Wyden introduced a serious proposal for universal health care. The idea was elegant -- in many ways, a policy wonk's dream. And while it never became the template for reform, it had a catalytic effect on the debate. If not for the political conversation that Wyden's proposal started, the Affordable Care Act might not exist today.  I suspect Wyden is trying to reprise that role now, with a new proposal he unveils Thursday.