Ronald Bailey

Reasonfight, Day... I've Lost Count
March 08, 2011

If you can't get enough of watching me argue against half a dozen Reason staffers and editors at once, I'll offer a brief update. When last we met, Reason's Radley Balko was accusing me of making ad hominem arguments.

The Libertarians Strike Back
March 07, 2011

Last week, I mentioned a 2004 Reason article by Ronald Bailey advocating an individual mandate. The author's article responds, calling me "the New Republic's chief left-wing ideologue" -- take that, comrade Judis!

Hot Mess
October 06, 2010

One interesting fact heading into the mid-term elections: Almost none of the GOP Senate candidates seem to believe in the idea that humans are heating the planet. A few hedge their bets—John McCain says he’s no longer sure if global warming is “man-made or natural.” (In 2004, he told me: “The race is on. Are we going to have significant climate change and all its consequences, or are we going to try to do something early on?”) Most are more plainspoken.