Roxana Saberi

May 05, 2010

Anton Chekhov’s The Duel High Line Pictures No One Knows About Persian Cats IFC Films “My business is to be talented,”Anton Chekhov wrote once to his publisher. He was explaining that his job was not to judge his characters but to vivify them, “to be able to illuminate the characters and speak their language.” A clear instance of this aim is in The Duel, his longest piece of fiction, written in 1891.

Iran Frees Saberi
May 11, 2009

Joe Klein sees the strange episode as I do, a sign of dueling among Iranian government factions, and possibly indicating a conciliatory tilt towards the US: Today, the American journalist Roxana Saberi was released from prison, which is excellent news but doesn't diminish the outrageousness of her incarceration in the first place. This much seems clear: Some faction in the Iranian government wanted her in jail  on trumped up charges--a message of intransigence.