Rudy Giuliani

Romney Was With Rubio All Along
April 19, 2010

Of course he was: Romney’s endorsement of Rubio, which follows those by fellow 2008 presidential contenders Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee, was a long time coming. “Why now? The veto that Governor Crist made of the education-reform bill really tipped the balance for me,” Romney explains. “I have to admit that I was very concerned when I saw Governor Crist support the Obama stimulus. I was very much inclined to support Speaker Rubio when I watched the debate on Fox, the one with Chris Wallace.

The Repeal Fantasy
March 23, 2010

Looks like an uphill fight even within the Republican Party, reports Suzy Khimm: Before the health care vote, the GOP position was one of all-out opposition to the bill—House Republican leader John Boehner described the legislation as "armageddon" that "will ruin our country." But Guthrie is not the only conservative expressing qualms about his party's stampede to reject the legislation outright—raising questions about whether Republicans can pull off a "throw-the-whole-thing out" strategy. Sen.

Coakley Inadvertently Summons Giuliani
January 15, 2010

Martha Coakley ran an ad attacking Scott Brown for Wall Street ties. The ad used an old video that included an image of the World Trade Center. Naturally, this called for a rapid response from the President of 9/11: Martha Coakley must immediately denounce the partisan political television advertisement sponsored by her Democrat allies that inexplicably uses images of the World Trade Center to unfairly attack Scott Brown. This is among the most desperate campaign tactics I have ever seen.

Can Mitt Romney Get His Groove Back?
January 05, 2010

With Republican prospects for 2010, and just maybe 2012, trending upward, it’s worth noting that Mitt Romney, the insiders’ front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination, has announced a publicity tour for his upcoming book, No Apology. He'll begin with two stops in (surprise!) Iowa in March. Team Romney has tried to suppress in advance any comparisons between the Mittster’s round of book signings and that of Sarah Palin. “We’re not going to match her crowd size or sales.

Repeat After Me....
November 24, 2009

Ever on the lookout for ways to shrink the party’s tent still further, a few of the masterminds at the Republican National Committee are pushing a resolution to establish an ideological purity test for prospective GOP candidates.

A Semi-Defense of Bush's Buckraking
October 21, 2009

TPM and others are having a lot of fun over the fact that George W. Bush is heading out on the motivational speaking circuit.

Crazy Train: The GOP Welcomes the Fringe on Board
August 24, 2009

I had an unusual thought not long ago while I watched a video clip of a screaming man at a town hall accusing John Dingell of effectively planning the murder of his disabled son. As I watched, the idea struck me that it was legitimately impossible to determine if the man was crazy merely in the political sense-- as in, hoo boy, Rudy Giuliani's foreign policy ideas sure are crazy--or crazy in the more literal sense of a person whose mental health issues render him frequently unable to function. It was a total jump ball which kind of crazy he was.

Miss Guided
June 17, 2009

Jonathan Chait: Carrie Prejean and the definitive case for gay marriage.

Until Logic Did Them Apart
May 28, 2009

Beauty pageant contestant Carrie Prejean, asked about gay marriage a few weeks ago, summed up her view this way: "In my country and in my family, I think that I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman." It's a pretty simple answer--what you'd expect, intellectually, from someone who had just successfully completed a bikini walk rather than a dissertation on the topic at hand. Around the same time, Rudy Giuliani framed his own thinking in similar terms: "Marriage, I believe, both traditionally and legally, has always been between a man and a woman and should remain between a m

Could Rudy Boost Gay Marriage?
April 20, 2009

According to the New York Post's Fred Dricker: Rudy Giuliani is declaring war on gay marriage -- vowing to use his strong opposition of it against the Democrats if he runs for governor next year. Ben Smith argues that Rudy isn't a very good anti-gay marriage spokesman since he was a very pro-gay mayor both politically and personally--going so far as to live with a gay couple after he separated from his wife and moved out of Grace Mansion.