Rush Limbaugh

Scott Walker Is Going to Blow Up the GOP's Pivot on Inequality
January 27, 2015

The poor get no sympathy from Wisconsin's governor.

Why James Bond Isn't Black
Because Hollywood's racial biases look a lot like Rush Limbaugh's
December 30, 2014

Because Hollywood's racial biases look a lot like Rush Limbaugh's.

What Rick Perry Understands About Ebola That Ted Cruz Doesn't
Experts say travel bans won't help—and might actually hurt.
October 06, 2014

Opportunistic Republicans are calling for travel bans and mandatory quarantines. The experts say those steps wouldn't help—and might actually hurt.

Conservatives Are Furious at Thad Cochran for Highlighting Chris McDaniel's Racism
June 25, 2014

Even in the right's more polite precincts, Cochran's late appeal to black Democrats is considered an grave sin.

What Rush Limbaugh Got Wrong About My Scott Walker Cover Story
Addressing his and other criticisms of the controversial article
June 24, 2014

Our latest cover story seems to have struck quite a nerve.

Just Because the World Didn't End Doesn't Mean That Sequestration Isn't Scary
March 01, 2013

Ignore Rush Limbaugh. The sequester is no Y2K. It's dangerously real.

Anarchism Now: Occupy Wall Street Revives an Ideology
November 07, 2011

From Zuccotti Park to the streets of Oakland, the Occupiers have been careful to define their ideology as broadly and vaguely as possible. That has been a wise decision. If you claim to represent the “99 percent,” it would be contradictory, as well as self-defeating, to assert there is just one correct explanation for what caused the economic crisis and just one true way to achieve economic justice for the heterogeneous majority.

The Insane Conservative Attempt to Link the London Rioters to Obama
August 12, 2011

With all the chaos and rioting in the streets of London, it’s proven quite difficult for the media to parse out exactly who is participating in the unrest and what sort of grievances or agenda they might possess. Some have located the cause in the police shooting of Londoner Mark Duggan on Tuesday, August 4. Others have taken a more sociological approach, pointing to issues of race, class, and social alienation in the city’s poorest neighborhoods.

What Does The Tea Party Want?
March 14, 2011

Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen argue that the Tea Party redefined the purpose of the GOP as opposition to spending: The Republican Party is undergoing a messy but unmistakable 20-month transformation from fanatically anti-Obama to fanatically anti-spending, providing top party officials a new and intriguing playbook for recapturing the White House in 2012. To understand the current evolution, flash back to late spring of 2009. The GOP was disoriented and adrift, its leadership void filled by the bombastic voices of Palin, Beck and Rush Limbaugh.