The Age-Old Connection Between Russia and Ukraine Is Over
March 07, 2014

In the cafés, in the shops, on the streets of Kiev everyone is asking the one question that matters in one particular way: Will there be war? No one can quite finish the question: Will there be war with Russia?

The Best Historical Analogy for Crimea Doesn't Involve Nazis
March 07, 2014

For precedent, look to Cyprus instead of Poland.

I Have Seen Bravery, and Death, in Ukraine
March 07, 2014

I am overcome by the tragedy, but also by the pride that comes from living in this moment.

Ukraine Crisis News Roundup: March 7
March 07, 2014

Putin and Obama had a very unproductive phone call.

Ukrainian Lessons for an American President
March 07, 2014

We must mentally arm ourselves against a reality about which we only recently disarmed ourselves: the reality of protracted conflict.

What Are Economic Sanctions and How Would They Affect the Crisis in Ukraine?
March 06, 2014

Here's everything you need to know about the U.S.'s potential economic sanctions against Russia.

Let's Not Kid Ourselves: These Are Russian Soldiers in Ukraine (Video)
March 06, 2014

Not that we believed Putin anyway. But now we have proof he's lying.

Ukraine Crisis News Roundup: March 6
March 06, 2014

Crimea will vote on whether to become part of Russia, while the U.S. steps up sanctions.

Eastern Ukraine Is Still Fighting Its Past
March 06, 2014

The country in crisis has yet to escape Stalin's long shadow.

Russians Will Always Be America's Favorite Villains. And Now They're Back.
March 05, 2014

The return of the obsolete, in American culture, can only register as corniness or nostalgia. So what are we to make of our cold war enemy's actions today?