Said Fred

The Strange Pop Culture Tastes of Dictators
March 16, 2012

One of the most prurient aspects of reading the personal emails written to and by Bashar al Assad that were obtained by The Guardian has been the chance to observe the dictator’s strange shopping habits on iTunes. Apparently, the Syrian dictator is a big fan of contemporary party music. But Bashar is far from the first dictator to have a strange relationship with pop culture.

The Romney-Assad Connection
March 15, 2012

Consider it a macabre twist on the "five degrees of separation." Except in this case, it's only two degrees that exist between murderous Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney. The link? A profane and puerile hip-hop duo. Yes, it's that small a world. As you may recall, Romney was involved in an air-rage altercation in February 2010 with Sky Blu, the younger member of the uncle-nephew "party rock" duo LMFAO.