Sam Brownback

Republicans Prove They're Deadly Serious About Fighting Medicaid Expansion
April 22, 2014

GOP legislatures are committed to to insuring that their poorest constituents remain uninsured in perpetuity.

How Paul Ryan Convinced Washington of His Genius
September 14, 2012

Paul Ryan's rise from fitness instructor to philosopher prince.

The Mad Men Revolution
November 30, 2011

The meme is now the message. So I learned from Monday’s New York Times profile of Kalle Lasn, the Adbusters editor who can be dubiously credited with creating the Occupy Wall Street movement. My dubiousness has nothing to do with the qualities of the movement itself, which, whatever else can be said about its tactics or its political direction, has sparked an important national conversation about income inequality. It’s the word “create” that I’m not sure about. Lasn did not issue a call to action, or write a position paper, or build an encampment.

The State Department’s Shameful Record on Internet Freedom
August 08, 2011

At the annual meeting of the Community of Democracies last month in Lithuania, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton struck a characteristic note of cautious idealism in support of Internet users living under repressive governments: “Because technology both empowers and endangers your work, we are giving activists new tools to try to circumvent the many obstacles that governments are putting in your way.” In a February speech Clinton gave at George Washington University, she said roughly the same thing: “There is a debate currently underway in some circles about whether the Internet is a force

Tim Pawlenty: Why It’s Way Too Soon to Count Him Out
June 24, 2011

As the 2012 Republican presidential field began to take shape earlier this year, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty looked like the perfect on-paper candidate: a former blue-state, blue-collar governor from the Midwest who was cozy with both social conservatives and Tea Party folk, and who didn’t have Mitt Romney’s problem of heretical past positions.

What Does Palinspeak Mean?
April 06, 2010

Why does Sarah Palin talk the way she does? Just what is this sort of thing below? We realize that more and more Americans are starting to see the light there and understand the contrast.

The Republican Sprint Away From Sanity
February 19, 2010

Because Congress failed to adopt a bipartisan deficit commission on its own, President Obama created one through executive order on Thursday. This comes as a disappointment to members of both parties who had endorsed the Conrad-Gregg bill: that proposal would have forced the Congress to vote on the commission’s recommendations, while the administration’s initiative does not. The failure of Conrad-Gregg was surprising as well as troubling. By last December, the bill had garnered almost three dozen cosponsors across party lines and seemed to be gaining momentum.

Gration Gets Pummeled by Congress
December 04, 2009

Yesterday, Obama's Sudan envoy Scott Gration testified before a House foreign affairs subcommittee. They were not happy with him. Unlike Gration's last appearance before Congress—in which Senate committee chairman John Kerry made it clear that he supported the envoy—today's firing line of seven or eight House Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health members was almost uniformly hostile.

Republicans Love Medicare, Except When They Don't
December 01, 2009

Remember those days of yore, when John McCain was a man who put principle over partisan politics, somebody who could be counted upon to speak the truth? John McCain doesn't. Yesterday, McCain began the Republican assault on health care reform by proposing to strip the Senate bill of its proposed $487 billion in Medicare reductions. The "unspecified" reductions, McCain said, would "directly impact the health care of citizens in this country": All of these are cuts in the obligations that we have assumed and are the rightful benefits that people have earned...

Brownback: Theocon Inquisitor
February 21, 2009

The prospect of Congress passing and President Obama signing theFreedom of Choice Act (FOCA) has inspired the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to sponsor a parish-based campaign to get Catholics to send postcards to members of Congress stating their opposition to the act. There's nothing wrong with that. And neither is there anything inappropriate about Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) -- a Catholic convert from evangelical Protestantism who passionately opposes legalized abortion -- lending his name to the effort.