Sandy Hook

The Public Won't Force Congress to Pass Gun Control
January 03, 2013

If President Obama is counting on a new wave of popular support to help push stricter gun laws through Congress -- as he said he was on Sunday -- then he might want to take a closer look at the latest opinion polls. While the public is more amenable to new gun laws than it was before the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, there hasn't been a fundamental shift in its attitudes toward gun rights and specific gun-control laws.

India Knows How to React to a Horrific Crime: With Angry Protests
December 20, 2012

How come we're not marching in the streets after Newtown?

The 2010 Midterms Are Coming Back to Haunt Blue Michigan
December 17, 2012

Why is this blue state enacting such conservative legislation?

The Second Most Powerful Gun Lobby Is in Newtown, Connecticut
December 14, 2012

The country's second-biggest gun lobbying organization is three miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary.