Sao Paulo

São Paulo Striving to Keep Global Economic Edge
November 27, 2012

What makes São Paulo a global city? Some might say its size. It is the largest city in South America. The São Paulo metro area, as our forthcoming Global MetroMonitor will reveal, is the 10th largest in the world by population and 13th largest by GDP. Others might point to its role as the finance capital of Latin America.

Europe on 5 GB a Day: What Does It Mean When Smartphones Replace Travel Guides?
August 27, 2012

Google might be the first to kill a travel publisher's print edition, but it likely won't be the last. Is there anything you can't do with an app?

A Global Toolkit for Cities
March 31, 2010

Last week at the World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro, the Citistates Group unveiled what promises to be an engaging and provocative new online forum, Citiscope. Citiscope aims to be the “go to place to find the latest news and trends on fresh ideas, approaches, and ways to help the world’s cities work better for all their people.” Stories are written by a global network of locally-rooted journalists, with expert viewpoints and analyses accompanying each one. Users are free to comment, share stories, and submit their own ideas.

December 08, 1973

… I was arrested on May 11, 1970, in Sao Paulo, on my way to dinner with a young lady I had recently met… She had been arrested several days previously and violently tortured and taken to Operacion Bandeirantes… With four armed policemen we went to OBAN headquarters. During the journey [one] ordered the young lady to show me her hands so that I 'could have an idea of what awaited me.' They… were handcuffed… greatly swollen and covered with dark purple hematomas.