Sarah Palin

Palin's Rocky Turn With Couric
September 25, 2008

It hasn't gotten anything like the attention of her Charlie Gibson interview, but I think Sarah Palin was a lot shakier in this chat with Katie Couric (which the Obama campaign is eagerly sending around this morning). She looks nervous and sounds unsteady, her syntax is an awkward and tangled mess of passive constructive and misused words (she says she's been "rallying" against lobbyist influence when she seems to mean "railing"), and she has nothing but bromides to offer. And her answer at the end about McCain's record is... cringe-inducing.

What's More Is That She Cannot Put Together A Sentence Or, For That Matter, A Thought; Is This A Conspiracy To Make George Bush Seem Literate And Coherent?
September 24, 2008

Well, the first wisdom of the pundits was that the choice of Sarah Palin for vice president was inspired. All over the country Democrats had a sinking feeling that McCain had outfoxed them. Biden seemed to have evaporated. Palin, Palin, Palin was on everybody's lips.The Obama ticket fell in the polls.A few weeks have passed. The American people have had occasions to see her, hear her and read about her.  Apparently, they did not like what they saw or what they heard or what they read. Katie Couric has been with Palin for some time. Here's the first installment.

Another Reason To Vote For Her
September 24, 2008

Sarah Palin has been to the big town, and there she met the heads-of-state of Iraq (the leader of Kurdistan just in case you thought Iraq had not changed for the better), Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Georgia and Ukraine. She had long sessions with them of about half an hour, which meant she learned about as much as her head could absorb. She also had a tutorial with Henry Kissinger. Sarah is now prepared for life. Today she warned the country that, if the Congress does not sign on to the bailout, we might be heading into a disaster like the Great Depression.

We've Secretly Replaced Your Spineless Tv Anchors With...
September 24, 2008

Yesterday on CNN, anchor Campbell Brown went into a self-described rant against the McCain campaign. The occasion was yesterday's now-infamous attempt to bar producers and reporters from accompanying news cameras as Palin met with some world leaders at the United Nations. The attempt, as my colleague Michelle Cottle notes below, was largely successful. But it also inspired a backlash, ranging from snarky wire story leads to Brown's on-air condemnation.

Fredo Of The North
September 24, 2008

So, who exactly is Talis Colberg, the Alaskan Attorney General who, despite a raftload of conflicts of interest, has proven so central to Sarah Palin's efforts to squelch the ongoing Troopergate investigation? An Alaskan lawyer (and blogger) explains: Prior to being plucked from obscurity by Sarah Palin, Talis Colberg was a home grown Mat-Su Valley homeboy who practiced workers compensation law by himself out of a small office in downtown Palmer, a farm town (of sorts) down the road from Wasilla.

Defining Press Coverage Down
September 24, 2008

Last night I caught MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell chatting about the media's valiant "pushback" against Sarah Palin's handler's attempts to keep journalists away from its gal yesterday as Palin did her deb with various world leaders. Mitchell and Maddow were understandably annoyed by the McCain campaign, but proclaimed themselves "heartened" by the spine showed when the networks threatened to pull their cameras--thus ruining the Palin team's happy little "photo spray"--if the campaign indeed refused to allow even one editorial producer into the meetings.

Spare Me Your Reverse Snobbery
September 22, 2008

On the blogs today, I've seen a couple of mentions of Ralph Peters' snooty-elitists-are-out-to-get-Palin rant in the NY Post. The entire first half seems worth reproducing: I KNOW Sarah Palin, and so does my wife. Neither of us ever actually met the governor of Alaska, but we grew up with her - in the small-town America despised by the leftwing elite. One gal-pal classmate of my wife's has even traveled from New York's Finger Lakes to Alaska to hunt moose with her husband. (Got one, too.) And no, Ms. Streisand, she isn't a redneck missing half her teeth - she's a lawyer.

Hillary Spotlights Reproductive Rights
September 19, 2008

 Hillary has an op-ed in today's NYT that looks at the Bush administration's latest effort to undercut women's health and reproductive rights. Someone in our office suggested that the piece's failure to mention any of the current presidential combatants means Hillary has decided to check out of this race and focus squarely on rebuilding her own brand. Maybe. But I actually see this piece as lending a hand to Team Obama by aiming to make voters think twice about the consequences of a pro-life White House.

State Of The Race: Is Mccain In Trouble?
September 18, 2008

One of the unpleasant things you discover when you sit in major league baseball press boxes from time to time is that the press -- or at least the print media -- actually do not like close baseball games. A walk-off home run or a blown save means that they have to re-write their lead paragraph and perhaps their entire game story, leading to angry phone calls from their editors, and forcing them to work later than they might otherwise like to.I was reminded of this when seeing this headline from Mark Halperin today:A tight race? It certainly is a tight race, and has been all year.

The Case Against The Case Against Biden
September 17, 2008

It's 48 days until the election. Do you know where your vice presidential candidate is? If you're a Democrat, you probably don't. Ever since John McCain tapped Sarah Palin as his running mate on August 29, Joe Biden has been AWOL from the national consciousness. That hasn't necessarily been for a lack of effort on his part. In the 14 days following Palin's nomination, Biden gave 54 interviews or press conferences, but it was Palin's one interview during that time--with ABC's Charlie Gibson--that got its own primetime special.