Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin And Buchanan
August 29, 2008

Eve notes Christopher Hayes's catch that Sarah Palin supported Pat Buchanan in 1999. Neither of them really dwells on the significance of this, so I wanted to back up for those who don't remember the circumstances of the time. This isn't like supporting Buchanan in the GOP primary. When Palin was supporting him, Buchanan was running as a third (actually, fourth) party insurgent, appealing to conservatives who thought George W. Bush was too moderate. This suggests that she's not just a run-of-the-mill movement conservative but a hard-core right-winger. --Jonathan Chait

Palin, Buchanan Fan?
August 29, 2008

The Nation's Chris Hayes makes an interesting catch: Remember when Pat Buchanan ran a number of hard-right, fringe campaigns for president in the late 1980s, 1990s and 2000? Well, guess who was supporting him. From an AP report in 1999: "Pat Buchanan brought his conservative message of a smaller government and an America First foreign policy to Fairbanks and Wasilla on Friday as he continued a campaign swing through Alaska. Buchanan's strong message championing states rights resonated with the roughly 85 people gathered for an Interior Republican luncheon in Fairbanks.

Did Palin Really Fight The “Bridge To Nowhere”?
August 29, 2008

Republicans have been heavily touting Sarah Palin's reformist credentials, with her supposed opposition to Alaska's "Bridge to Nowhere" as Exhibit A. But how hard did she really fight the project? Not very, it seems. Here's what she told the Anchorage Daily News on October 22, 2006, during the race for the governor's seat (via Nexis): 5. Would you continue state funding for the proposed Knik Arm and Gravina Island bridges? Yes. I would like to see Alaska's infrastructure projects built sooner rather than later.

Palin Fun Facts!
August 29, 2008

Since everyone south of Juneau seems to be relying on their trusty Nexis accounts for more information on the surprise Republican vice-presidential candidate, I'll do the same. A brief sampling of her pre-gubernatorial career: -Forbesmania!  Palin was an Alaska  cochair of Steve Forbes' 2000 presidential campaign. -Float for change! Palin's float won first prize in the political category at the 1999 Alaska State Fair.    -Gay marriage, no; Wal-Mart marriage, yes! As mayor of Wasilla, Palin once presided over a wedding in a Wal-Mart. -A cessna in every garage!