The Good, the Bad, und die Rache
July 01, 2010

With the group stages over, the sextodecimal matches played, and the quarterfinals about to begin, what kind of a World Cup has it been so far? It has been good for South Africa, with large, happy crowds and none of the violence that pessimists predicted, altogether nothing worse than the horrible vuvuzela. The home nation were eliminated, but not before a glorious victory over France, who scuttled home in disgrace, as did the Italians, and then the English. No, it hasn’t been a good year for Europe, even with Germany, Spain and Holland in the last eight.

September 25, 2009

So, just one day after Presidents Obama and Sarkozy, together with Gordon Brown, warned Iran that they've determined that"the size and configuration of this [their newly disclosed nuclear facility at Qom] is inconsistent with a peaceful program",the Venezuelan government drops a diplomatic bombshell, as Mining Minister Rodolfo Sanz confirms the longstanding rumors that Iran is also helping Venezuela prospect for Uranium in Southern Bolívar State. Iran has helped us on the aereal-geophysics fly-overs, and on geochemical analysis," the chavista minister said, adding that initial evaluat

The French Debate
May 03, 2007

In The New York Times today, Elaine Sciolino has a great report on the big debate between Sarkozy and Royal that took place yesterday. If only the GOP primary debate tonight would have moments like this: Mr. Sarkozy grabbed the opportunity to bore in on his point that she could not lead France in such a temperamental fashion."Calm down," he told her."No, I will not calm down," she replied."Do not point at me with this finger, with this--" he said."No. Yes," she said."With this index finger pointed, because frankly--""No, I will not calm down," she said. "No, I will not calm down.