The Game Theory Behind Mandela's Negotiations to End Apartheid
December 10, 2013

It all comes down to red vs. blue.

Psychoanalyst on Bill Clinton's Doodles: "He Looks Like He's Crying Out for Help"
December 09, 2013

Does it matter whether he drew a penis intentionally or unintentionally?

Stop Giving Multiple-Choice Tests, and Start Letting Robots Grade Students' Essays
December 06, 2013

Scientists have created software that can grade short-answer essays in five seconds.

Mexico's Radioactive-Material Thieves Are Probably Dying Right Now, In Exactly This Way
December 05, 2013

The gruesome details of the thieves' likely death.

Einstein's Famous Quote About Science and Religion Didn't Mean What You Were Taught
The scientist actually offers no solace to believers
December 04, 2013

Albert Einstein offers to solace to believers

Do Smarter People Drink More?
December 03, 2013

Yes, according to these studies. And wine is the drink of choice.

Our IQs Are Climbing, But We’re Not Getting Smarter
December 02, 2013

Does the rise in IQ scores over the past century mean people are getting smarter?

There's a Mouse Crisis in Scientific Research
November 26, 2013

Are scientists less rigorous about applying proper research standards when their subjects are mice? That’s the question Jennifer Couzin-Frankel investigates in the latest issue of Science—and her findings are disturbing.

Amazing Sculptures of Insects Made from Old Mechanical Parts
Edouard Martinet turns motorcycle headlights and umbrella ribs into beautiful living things
November 22, 2013

Edouard Martinet turns motorcycle headlights and umbrella ribs into beautiful living things.

Do You Really Remember Where You Were When JFK Was Shot?
November 18, 2013

Pretty much all Americans over the age of 50 will reminisce this week about where they were when JFK was shot.