Sean Hannity

Shrinking Tent Watch
April 14, 2009

Another day, another heretical GOP Goldberg. First, it was Jonah taking his lumps from Rush Limbaugh for (literally) a few words congratulating President Obama on the successful resolution of the pirate situation. Today, it's conservative media critic Bernie (no relation), lecturing Sean Hannity on his refusal to credit Obama with handling the situation well:: "He was the commander-in-chief. It happened on his watch. That's the way it goes in the real world of politics. If something bad happened here--and thank God it didn't..

The Loyal Opposition
February 12, 2009

On Fox tonight Sean Hannity called the Obama team's plan to have the Census director report directly to them "the biggest White House power grab ever." His guest, some guy named Karl Rove, told Hannity he just might be right. Words fail. Update: Appearing on Sean's panel a couple segments later is... 1980s Saturday Night Live star Joe Piscopo. Seriously! Sample Piscopo quote: "You know who you gotta read is Camille Paglia." --Michael Crowley

Obama And Fox
September 03, 2008

Republicans have not gone after Barack Obama during the first two days of the Republican convention. What criticisms have been made have pretty tame--on the order of Joe Lieberman condescendingly calling him a “gifted and eloquent young man.”  But this morning, the Republicans began firing. At a standing room only breakfast meeting of the Ohio delegation at the Radisson Hotel in Minneapolis, Fox News employee Sean Hannity lit into Obama. Hannity’s attacks on Obama came in the wake of the “truce” that Fox News chairman Roger Ailes brokered with Obama.

Nothing On Obama
February 28, 2007

The right must have absolutely no good opposition research on Barack Obama. Here was Sean Hannity last night, really scraping the bottom of the barrel: You know, according to The Chicago Tribune, I'm trying to do a lot of research on this today. I haven't gotten a 100 percent definitive answer.But they report he's been an active member of Chicago's Trinity Unity Church of Christ for the last 20 years.

Access To Evil
February 01, 2007

The other day I had the misfortune of riding in a D.C. cab with Sean Hannity. Well, he was on the radio, but really that's close enough to get the willies. After getting winded decrying the stupidity of anyone willing to believe in global warming (I never get this--don't conservatives want to protect their hunting land?), Hannity read the call letters of the radio station: WMAL. Mal? Evil!

It's The Media's Fault (again)
January 03, 2007

I didn't think even hard-core conservatives were still clinging to this line about Iraq, but here was Sean Hannity on Fox last night. Hannity refers to guest Brent Bozell but is primarily berating his "left-wing" guest, Mark Levine, a war critic: The guys that are on the ground, the guys that are fighting, the guys that are risking their lives, overwhelmingly say--and, Brent [Bozell], you chronicle this as well or better than anybody--that the media is not telling the true story. Look, we've had elections, three of them. People risked their lives to vote....

Is Al Jazeera the next PBS?
May 01, 2006

It took Dave Marash about four years as a Washington anchor to become disgusted with the pandering, the triviality, and the sensationalism of TV news. Marash was a paragon of seriousness, as his bearded chin and intense eyes announced to even casual viewers of WRC-TV, Washington's local NBC affiliate, and, by 1989, he was fed up.

Talking Back
February 16, 2004

EVERY WEEKDAY, FROM three in the afternoon until seven in the evening, Randi Rhodes delivers her brief against George W. Bush. Much of it is standard anti-Bush fare: He stole the 2000 election, he wrecked the economy, he led the nation into a disastrous war under dishonest pretenses. But sometimes Rhodes takes her critique into less familiar territory. Citing a book titled George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, Rhodes alleges that in the 1940s Prescott Bush, the president’s grandfather, sold raw materials to the Third Reich.