Algeria - France Would Be a Truly Historic Showdown
June 23, 2014

A slightly premature second round preview

A Team to Charm Even the Chilean Left
June 23, 2014

Jorge Sampaoli and La Roja have a country in the international headlines for happier reasons

Just How Good Would France Be if Every French-Born Arab Player Opted to Play for Les Bleus?
June 23, 2014

And another puzzle: How is Laurent Blanc still coaching—anywhere?

Towards an Ethic of World Cup Fandom
June 22, 2014

A philosopher in Brazil ruminates on how to be a good fan

A Less Smooth Soccer Ball is Actually More Predictable When It's Kicked
June 20, 2014

Science explains transition points and pressure distribution shifts.

Luis Suarez Is a Beast
June 20, 2014

The Uruguay star and the grand tradition of strikers who seek to destroy 

Photos: Police on "Pacification Patrol" in a Rio Favela

Before the games began, there was a bloody showdown. 

Why Did Borges Hate Soccer?
June 20, 2014

"Soccer is popular because stupidity is popular,” Borges once said.

Wayne Rooney Not Scoring for England, in GIFs
June 19, 2014

Forty-one goals in international matches, 40 of which were not scored in the World Cup