The Two Problems With Obama's Maternity Leave Shout-out
January 20, 2015

It was a good line, but it was just a line.

Why Didn't Obama Take More Credit for Low Gas Prices?
Because he knows better
January 20, 2015

Because he knows better.

Obama Will Probably Undermine His Own Climate Initiative in Tonight's State of the Union
January 20, 2015

Our oil and gas boom is contributing to global warming.

The Gender Pay Gap Is Starkest at the Bottom and the Top. Just Ask General Motors' New CEO.
February 06, 2014

Why accusations that General Motors is short-shrifting its first female CEO hit a nerve.

Americans Have Stopped Thinking of Themselves as Middle Class
January 30, 2014

A rhetorical shift that means a lot about politics

Who You Calling a Lame Duck?
Three ways Obama thinks he can still make a difference
January 28, 2014

The prevailing consensus in Washington is that President Obama is done creating public policy. He may have the ambition to do more, the thinking goes, but he doesn’t have the political support.

The Best State of the Union Addresses, Ever
Historians weigh in with their top choices
January 26, 2014

When President Barack Obama delivers his sixth State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday, he is expected to address ways of combatting economic inequality, as well as reforming immigration and the NSA.