South Africa

Yes, Even Nelson Mandela Could Say Dumb Things
December 12, 2013

Just because a bunch of people said stupid things about one of the century's most amazing men does not mean that Mandela didn't make some grievous errors in judgement.

Protocol Experts Explain How Obama Could Have Handled the Castro Handshake
December 11, 2013

Sometimes world leaders just have to have good manners.

The Game Theory Behind Mandela's Negotiations to End Apartheid
December 10, 2013

It all comes down to red vs. blue.

Conservatives Haven't Wrestled With Mandela's Legacy Because They Haven't Wrestled With the Cold War
December 09, 2013

If you don't understand why someone like Nelson Mandela would have communist sympathies during the Cold War, you aren't thinking hard enough. 

The Dark Spot of Nelson Mandela's Legacy
December 09, 2013

Is he responsible for South Africa's leadership crisis? 

When Mandela Became Real to Me
December 08, 2013

Ariel Dorfman on talking to Nelson Mandela About his Parents, spousal abuse, and pain

All of These Famous People Visited Nelson Mandela's Tiny Prison Cell
December 06, 2013

Evo Morales, Beyonce, Tariq Aziz: Sooner or later, everyone visits Mandela's cell in Robben Island.

The Scene Outside Nelson Mandela's Home was Not that Dramatic—Because His Country Has Become a Normal One
December 06, 2013

Media hype aside, the scene outside Nelson Mandela's house was not that dramatic. That's because he turned South Africa into a normal country.

All the Terrible Things Republicans Used to Say About Nelson Mandela
December 06, 2013

Reaganites called him a terrorist and a phony.

Mandela Unbound: Imagining the South African Future
December 05, 2013

Just after Nelson Mandela's release from prison, John Carlin reflected on Mandela's political skills and the future of South Africa.