South Carolina

The Killing of Walter Scott Sheds Light on the Problem of Police Lying
April 08, 2015

The lies act as shield for police violence and as a larger source of corruption in the criminal justice system.

Red States' Legally Dubious Strategy to Destroy Obamacare
January 28, 2014

In states with dreadful health outcomes, they're spending a lot of energy trying to keep people from signing up for health care

"She Had an Abortion": A History of a Political Smear
May 06, 2013

Elizabeth Colbert Busch isn't the first female candidate to face the insinuation.

Why It's Difficult to Predict the Outcome of Mark Sanford vs. Elizabeth Colbert Busch
May 06, 2013

Tuesday's special election in South Carolina is a true toss-up.

Take a Hike, Sanford!
April 04, 2013

Mark Sanford is one step closer to a remarkable political comeback after locking up the Republican nomination for Congress in South Carolina’s First Congressional District on Tuesday.

Mark Sanford's Political Comeback Is Shaping Up Nicely
March 20, 2013

Mark Sanford, the former Republican governor of South Carolina who turned “hiking the Appalachian Trail” into an Urban Dictionary entry (discretion advised), is one step closer to completing a surprising political comeback.

Is Racism Worse in the South?
March 05, 2013

At last week's Supreme Court argument over the Voting Rights Act, Chief Justice John Roberts asked whether the government thinks the South is more racist than the North. The question frames the debate. Too bad there's no answer.

"Until this generation of people dies out."
February 27, 2013

Think the Voting Rights Act is outdated? Come to South Carolina.

Have Family Dinners Prepared Teddy Turner to Be a Politician?
January 17, 2013

The media scion is still trying get out from under his dad's shadow.