South Carolina

Saul Alinsky Wasn’t Who Newt Gingrich Thinks He Was
January 25, 2012

On the night of his triumph in South Carolina, Newt Gingrich boldly announced: “The centerpiece of this campaign, I believe, is American exceptionalism versus the radicalism of Saul Alinsky.” Barack Obama did once work in a Chicago project inspired by Alinsky, the legendary community organizer who died in 1972.

Saving the Middle Class: Is There an App for That?
January 23, 2012

This is one of those Mondays with too much news to cover. South Carolina and the Republican primaries. The State of the Union. Ryan Lizza’s fascinating look inside the Obama administration. And two incredible football games. But I want to talk about a feature story from Sunday’s New York Times, which isn’t about any of those things except that, in a sense, it’s about all of those things. Well, all of them except football. The article is about the iPhone and why Apple, which once upon a time built its computers in the U.S., decided to manufacture the devices elsewhere.

Can Newt Repeat His Success in Florida?
January 22, 2012

After Newt Gingrich’s smashing victory in South Carolina yesterday, here’s my wagering advice: You can still put your money on Mitt, but don’t bet the farm. Not this year. The results for Mitt Romney weren’t pretty.

SC Was All About Romney's Weakness, Not Newt's Strength
January 21, 2012

The story of 2011 was that Republicans had a frontrunner they weren’t in love with. Mitt Romney spent the entire year below 25 percent in national polls; a new Mitt alternative surged ahead of him every few weeks, only to collapse when it turned out he or she couldn’t pass an eighth grade civics class. The pundits concluded from this that Romney’s grip on the nomination was tenuous and that, even after his (apparent) Iowa win, the race was a lot less stable than it looked.

No, I'm Not Giddy About Gingrich's Victory
January 21, 2012

Newt Gingrich just won South Carolina. He did so convincingly, with a margin of more than 10 points as I write this. And he did so in some surprising ways: Exit polls suggested that the state’s Republicans were most concerned with finding a candidate who could beat President Obama. And those voters chose…Gingrich? Actually, who knows – maybe they’re right. Yes, Gingrich has a lot of vulnerabilities. But, as we’ve seen this week, Romney has some too. His best asset, his experience in business, has become a liability.

South Carolina Shoots The TV
January 21, 2012

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Romney Under Pressure: Not A Pretty Sight
January 21, 2012

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- Let’s hope Mitt Romney recovers from his South Carolina detour and wraps this thing up soon, because I’m not sure the agitated ghost of George Romney can take much more of this. And no, I’m not referring to Mitt’s refusal to follow his father’s lead and release a dozen years of tax returns. I’m talking about his attempt to ratchet himself and his rhetoric ever higher to satisfy a sullen GOP electorate. Romney’s diagnosis is on target: one Newt Gingrich voter after another today told me that what they prefer about him over Romney is his ability to tell it straight.

What The Hell Is Happening In S.C.?
January 20, 2012

HARTSVILLE, S.C. -- If South Carolina is on the verge of its second great rebellion, then it is happening not with a bang but with a shrug.

Santorum Had a Great Debate--What Was He Thinking?
January 20, 2012

So no question that Rick Santorum had an objectively good debate last night. He leveled what was easily the toughest critique against the Massachusetts health care plan that Mitt Romney has faced to date. And he’d clearly done his homework on Newt Gingrich, too—nailing him on his decade-long sympathy for individual mandates and for being AWOL during the House banking scandal, when congressmen routinely overdrew their checking accounts without penalty.

Why Does the Media Keep Underestimating Newt?
January 20, 2012

CHARLESTON, S.C.—Thursday night’s four-top GOP debate made it official: The South Carolina primary has become a referendum on Newt Gingrich. Just 10 days after he was left in a dustbin labeled “Yesterday’s Man” after dismal finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire, Gingrich has confounded the experts yet again. The oft-derided and consistently under-estimated House speaker has now bested Jesus in his sheer number of resurrections—an association that can only help as the South Carolina primary vote looms.