England's Loss to Uruguay, as Epic Poem
The doggerel of defeat
June 19, 2014

Sad supporter pens doggeral of defeat 

Photo: Bulgarian Wrestling Is a Pain in the Neck
June 19, 2014

A fun day out for all the family.

Chart: The Best States for World Cup Coverage of Team USA
Here's where the Cup is making the front-page
June 19, 2014

This chart will tell you.

God Is Brazilian: The Theology of 'Futebol,' Explained
And so He said unto Neymar...
June 19, 2014

My visit to Sao Paulo's Museu do Futebol, where history magically records a Brazil victory in every World Cup ever played 

The Washington Football Team's Offensive Name Is Still a Valuable, Protected Trademark
June 19, 2014

The media completely misstated what this news really means. Here's what you need to know. 

The Reign of Spain Is Over—But You Don't Have to be a Jerk About It
So long, Xavi and company. It's been a good six years.
June 18, 2014

So long, Xavi and company. It's been a good six years. 

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Cheer for Belgium
An American citizen, born in Belgium, with an affinity for Algeria, sorts out his allegiances
June 18, 2014

And why I'm thinking of starting a support group for fans of more than one World Cup team 


Yes, We Are Witnessing an Historic World Cup
¡Gooool! ¡Gooool! ¡Gooool!
June 18, 2014

The charts confirm what your heart-rate has hinted: This has been the wildest-ever start for soccer's biggest tournament 

In Praise of Nil-Nil: Mexico and Brazil Show How It's Done
No goals? No problem.
June 18, 2014

Brazil vs. Mexico may have finished 0-0, but it was anything but boring.

Guillermo Ochoa's Hair, Cristiano Ronaldo's Pecs, and the Russians' Wine-Red Uniforms
There's a reason they call it the Beautiful Game
June 18, 2014

Sure, the World Cup is about scoring goals and winning, but it's also about style.