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The Best Film Critic of the '60s on the Best Filmmaker of the '60s
The New-Wave classic 'Band of Outsiders' turns 50
August 19, 2011

The New-Wave classic 'Band of Outsiders' turns 50

Robert Strauss Was Washington's Elder Statesman—But He Was 99 Percent Hot Air
Mr. Democrat
February 20, 1998

Robert Strauss, former DNC chairman and presidential adviser, died on Wednesday at the age of 95. In this caustic 1988 TRB column, Michael Kinsley asked how this shallow figure became Washington's elder statesman."Yes, that was Mr.

Shooting Up
November 14, 1994
November 14, 1994

By now everybody knows that Quentin Tarantino is the happiest man in the world. Not so many years ago he was a clerk in a California video store, devouring film film film. Then he tried to break into filmmaking himself, first by writing scripts.

The Gay Awakening
Democracy and Homosexuality
December 19, 1993

The long gay march: from the closet to the barricades, to the barracks, to everyone's backyard

Washington's new ruling class
April 26, 1993

It is hard to think of another time when the relationship between press and president became so knotted as during the abortive nomination of Kimba Wood for attorney general.

From the Stacks: “Too Clever By Half: The Case Against Brilliance”
September 1, 1986
September 01, 1986

In most fields of intellectual endeavor, the highest praise is reserved for brilliant insights that overturn conventional thinking and common sense.

Rilke in English
September 06, 1939

Not the least interesting phenomenon of the last four years has been the growing influence of Rilke upon English poetry: indeed, Rilke is probably more read and more highly esteemed by English and Americans than by Germans, just as Byron and Poe had

H.G. Wells Thought This Book Was True Literature
March 09, 1917

H.G. Wells says "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, by James Joyce is a book to buy and read and lock up..."