Star Wars

Lucas Sues Man For Stealing Idea Lucas Stole From Hitler
July 27, 2011

The prop designer who created the stormtrooper uniforms for "Star Wars" has been selling replicas, and George Lucas has tried to stop him: It was in 2002, when struggling to pay school fees, that he first sold a helmet and "bits and pieces" gathering dust on top of his wardrobe.... The hard core fans recognised them as the real thing, he recalls, but by the time he had sold 19 or so to the US, so did Lucas. Lucasfilm sued for $20m in 2004, arguing Mr Ainsworth did not hold the intellectual property rights and had no right to sell them - a point upheld by a US court. But the judgement could no

Hard Science
April 23, 2008

Chris Mooney: Should climate scientists fight back?

Nuclear Idealism, Nuclear Realism
March 11, 1985

This week in Prague, Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a new version of the START treaty, renewing their commitment to nuclear arms reduction. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also unveiled newly built nuclear centrifuges. And, in a well-timed TNR cover story, Peter Scoblic posed the incisive, probing question: What good is the time-tested doctrine of deterrence in an era where rogue states and terrorists have ready access to nuclear material?