Steve Israel

The Eric Shinseki Resignation Guide
May 29, 2014

It's a strange day when a bunch of vulnerable Dems and the chairman of the House Dem re-elect committee wants Shinseki to step down and John Boehner doesn't

Democrats Whine On Health Care Vote
January 03, 2011

Republicans are going to hold a vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act. Here's the Democratic response: Democrats said they plan to aggressively defend Obama's legislative accomplishments, chief among them the health-care bill. "They're talking about wasting time repealing health care, when they know that the Senate and administration won't go along with it. Don't waste time. Create jobs," Rep. Steve Israel(D-N.Y.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said on CNN's "State of the Union." Wow, is this weak.

Health Care’s Second Wind
October 04, 2010

WASHINGTON—Here is another piece of conventional wisdom about this year's election that is being rendered patently false. It's been said over and over that no Democrats are running on the health care bill. Actually, more and more of them are proudly campaigning on what the plan has achieved—and they should.  In a fight for his political life in Wisconsin, Sen.

Get In Line
February 12, 2007

LAST SATURDAY, DEMOCRATIC Representative Jerrold Nadler of New York mounted the stage at the antiwar rally on the Mall. Though he doesn’t sit on the relevant committees, he’d just introduced a gutsy bill in the House to cut off funds for Bush’s “surge” and begin withdrawal from Iraq, and he was hoping to present it to the crowd. But, sadly, the rally’s organizers had chosen Representatives Dennis Kucinich, Lynn Woolsey, and Maxine Waters,who also have Iraq bills, to speak instead.