Steven Erlanger

“The Imam Of The Jews”: Islam’s True Enemy Is Radicalism—Radical Islam, That Is.
February 13, 2010

This is about an intriguing--maybe even hopeful--report in yesterday's New York Times. Written by Steven Erlanger, a real class act foreign journalist, it is about a Tunisian Muslim who arrived in France at 24 and now, at 38, preaches to a mosque in Drancy, the very spot where, during the Nazi occupation, the Jews were shipped off to the concentration camps. He walks a thin line in Drancy. Male worshippers are appalled by his views. But they are his views, and he doesn't shrink from them.

The President's Delusions About Yemen. What The Man Probably Doesn't Know.
January 03, 2010

Yes, I suppose we are in no position to abandon Yemen, although, frankly, I hardly knew we were really there. Well, we are, as I pointed out in my Abdulmutallab posting on New Year's Day. But imagine how Senators Levin and Leahy would have reacted if poor George Bush had stumbled into the sands of "the empty quarter" without so much as advice, let alone consent. Maybe they were informed. But who knows whether, like the memory of Madame Speaker, theirs are also a bit confused. (By the way, among the first to describe one of the world's largest sand deserts was H. St.

The Gunmen Of Gaza
May 15, 2007

This article was filed by Steven Erlanger to the Times on-line minutes ago. Yes, Palestine is an utter fiction. Erlanger does not say that. But that's what his smart and precise article says. Frankly, the only hopeful note is that Jordan may take over as steward of the West Bank, sort of a mandate for Arab Palestine on the West Bank. The King would really rule, and no one would complain about the hardships experienced by the locals. But, believe me, Egypt won't touch Gaza even if the U.S. gives Cairo another annual stipend of $3 billion.

A Mission Fit For A King
May 13, 2007

Isabel Kershner and I do not exactly share the same politics on Israel. But she is an extraordinary and extraordinarily honest journalist. She has been the "Palestinian" correspondent of the Times for a while now, joining my good and admired friend Steven Erlanger (the head of its Jerusalem bureau) and Greg Myre in covering what may be the most emotionally laden beat in the world. She gets it.

Israel Soldiers And Zionism
March 25, 2007

I am afraid that some of my Zionist comrades will have been upset by a New York Times article (that I read in the International Herald Tribune) by Steven Erlanger about a meeting held in Jerusalem that featured an Israeli reservist, who had been a first lieutenant in the legendary Golani infantry brigade in the West Bank. He had moral qualms about what he had done in the territories. Frankly, as a life-long Zionist (I'd spoken about Israel's Declaration of Independence in my fourth grade class with Mrs.