Sue Sylvester

Ryan Murphy's New Show Reduces Cultural Bigotry to a Personal Problem
September 17, 2012

“The New Normal,” the latest sitcom from “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy, began stoking conservative outrage even before it aired. It was banned from NBC’s Salt Lake City affiliate; the Christian group One Million Moms blasted it for promoting the “decay of morals and values.” But it is hard, at first glance, to understand all the fuss.

June 08, 2010

For my birthday last week, my husband gave me a red-and-white classic Firebird Adidas tracksuit like the one favored by the scene-chewing, deliciously Machiavellian Sue Sylvester on “Glee.” It’s harder to find the full Firebird than you might imagine, and Chris earned major brownie points for laboring to indulge my Sue fantasies. After all, his tastes lean more toward the Cheerios, Coach Sylvester’s championship squad of pony-tailed, pom-pom toting hotties, than to Sylvester herself.