Super Bowl

Mike and the Mad Dog
January 08, 2010

Steven Fatsis: Can Mike Shanahan save the Redskins?

Wishin' and Mopin'
April 01, 2009

Dusty!: Queen of the Postmods By Annie J. Randall (Oxford University Press, 219 pp., $24.95) We do our best to keep up, those of us tottering into the back of The New Republic's book once a fortnight. So I have my work and my life as well as those of my wife and children. I have revenues to raise and taxes to pay. On Super Bowl Sunday, I cared just about enough to watch the game, though I was more certain to watch Chelsea versus Liverpool, live, in the West Coast morning. I hope to read a couple of books a month. I worry, but I like to have time for doing nothing.

Reality Check
January 23, 2007

by Melissa Harris-LacewellThe Bears are going to the Super Bowl! Although no longer living in Chicago, I am cemented enough to the city that I am ridiculously excited about it. But I must admit that the best part of this new Super Bowl shuffle is its that it has distinctly more soul. Two African American head coaches are going meet one another in this great American dance of masculinity. No matter what happens (although we know the Bears will win) a brother is going to hoist that trophy in triumph. And, Barack Obama is running for president. He is really running for president.

Crying Without Tears
March 10, 1996

Campaign Journal: Dole and Buchanan in 1996.