Supreme Court

John Roberts' Supreme Court Is the Most Meddlesome in U.S. History
July 10, 2014

How radical libertarianism is reshaping the bench.

The Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Decision Just Got a Whole Lot Worse
July 04, 2014

In an order Thursday prompted by Wheaton College, the Court abandoned its concern for women impacted by the ruling.

The Dangerous Lies We Tell About America's Founding
July 03, 2014

No, the American Revolution didn't begin with the "shot heard round the world." The facts matter.

Hobby Lobby Ought to Make Life Harder for Bosses—But, Of Course, It Won't
July 02, 2014

The Hobby Lobby ruling is a troubling view into the way the government treats disputes between business owners and everyone else. 

The Last Time the Supreme Court Meddled in Women's Health, It Was a Big Setback for the GOP
July 02, 2014

In 1990, Webster v. Reproductive Health Services lifted Democratic fortunes across the country. 

The GOP Has a Hobby Lobby Problem With Young Voters
July 01, 2014

The young favor the contraception mandate. The old don't.

John Roberts' Supreme Court Is as Polarized as Ever
July 01, 2014

Don't be misled by the unanimous decisions.

The GOP's Religious Liberty Sham Is About to Blow Up Their Immigration Reform Excuse
July 01, 2014

If Republicans think Obama overreach makes immigration reform impossible, they'll have to stand and be counted on the contraception guarantee.

For Me, Birth Control is Medicine First, Contraceptive Second
June 30, 2014

Issues other than sex rarely come up when we talk about birth control, but that is only part of the picture. 

The Roberts Court Thinks Corporations Have More Rights Than You Do
June 30, 2014

The chief justice continues his First Amendment revolution.