August 13, 2010

Things worth checking out around the web: The time required to start a business would seem to be a basic metric of global competitiveness. Check Charts Bin’s map based on World Bank data and note that business start ups in Suriname must be approved by the president, hence the nearly two year wait. The Center for Neighborhood Technology has a nice data visualization tool for their Housing + Transportation Affordability index. Wonder what the second largest road project funded by the stimulus bill (ARRA) is? (The largest is the DFW Connector in the Dallas-Ft.

Next Stop, Angola
December 02, 1985

The next battlefield over the so-called Regan Doctrine is the decade-old consensus that America should stay out of the civil war in Angola. Based on the belief that the United States should assist anti-Communist freedom fighters everywhere, elements within the Reagan administration and in Congress are urging that the U.S. supply as much as $200 million in aid to Jonas Savimbi's anti-Marxist guerrilla group, the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA).