Peace Feelers from Russia and Iran?
September 09, 2013

One underlying goal of American threats to attack Syria for its use of chemical weapons has been to move the parties in Syria toward a negotiated settlement.

Think Bashar al Assad Is Brutal? Meet His Family
September 08, 2013

In the late 1980s Patrick Seale wrote an excellent account of the al-Assad family—well before it was clear that Bashar, its bookish, quiet, second-oldest son, would one day lead the Syrian government in massacring its own people.

Here Is What a U.S. Attack on Syria Would Look Like
September 08, 2013

Syrian President Bashar Assad’s alleged chemical weapons attack on his own people last month provoked President Barack Obama's use-of-force resolution in Congress, but if the United States should strike Syria, its goal probably will not be to blow up

John Kerry Says Syria's Moderate Rebels Are Rising. Here Is Why You Should Be Skeptical.
September 08, 2013

When pressed during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings, Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that the goal of an American military strike against Bashar al Assad’s Syrian government would not merely be to punish him for his use of chem

No, Washington, Syria is Actually Not All About You
September 06, 2013

In today’s paper, The Washington Post writes that President Obama has “staked the credibility of the United States—and his presidency—on his call for a military operation.” In the Wall Street Journal, Bill Galston warned more darkly of the consequenc

Iran Tweets, and the World Gets Way Too Excited
September 06, 2013

Maybe the Jewish New Year really has ushered in the positive change it’s supposed to represent.

U.S. Strike on Syria: Good for Iran's President, Bad for the Hardliners
September 05, 2013

Following the recent chemical strikes in Damascus, some analysts began to focus on whether Iranian president Hassan Rouhani had the will or ability to change the Islamic Republic's policy toward Syria (see PolicyWatch 2123).

Markey's "Present" Vote on Syria Confirms Our Worst Fears About Him
September 05, 2013

I’m not in the habit of agreeing with Scott Brown, the former Republican senator from Massachusetts, but he hit the nail on the head when he lambasted Democratic Senator Edward Markey for voting “present” Wednesday on the resolution to bomb Syria—mak

Obama Just Increased Executive Power—Again
September 04, 2013

Bush-Cheney Administration alumni have risen from the ashes to denounce President Obama’s decision to force Congress to play its constitutional role in a decision to use military force in Syria.

N+1 Is Wrong. There Have Been Successful Humanitarian Interventions.
September 04, 2013

In a piece titled 'A Solution From Hell,' the editors of n+1, playing off the title of Samantha Power's A Problem From Hell, take a long look at the history of humanitarian intervention, and decide that it has never been done successfully.