Iran Tweets, and the World Gets Way Too Excited
September 06, 2013

Maybe the Jewish New Year really has ushered in the positive change it’s supposed to represent.

U.S. Strike on Syria: Good for Iran's President, Bad for the Hardliners
September 05, 2013

Following the recent chemical strikes in Damascus, some analysts began to focus on whether Iranian president Hassan Rouhani had the will or ability to change the Islamic Republic's policy toward Syria (see PolicyWatch 2123).

Markey's "Present" Vote on Syria Confirms Our Worst Fears About Him
September 05, 2013

I’m not in the habit of agreeing with Scott Brown, the former Republican senator from Massachusetts, but he hit the nail on the head when he lambasted Democratic Senator Edward Markey for voting “present” Wednesday on the resolution to bomb Syria—mak

Obama Just Increased Executive Power—Again
September 04, 2013

Bush-Cheney Administration alumni have risen from the ashes to denounce President Obama’s decision to force Congress to play its constitutional role in a decision to use military force in Syria.

N+1 Is Wrong. There Have Been Successful Humanitarian Interventions.
September 04, 2013

In a piece titled 'A Solution From Hell,' the editors of n+1, playing off the title of Samantha Power's A Problem From Hell, take a long look at the history of humanitarian intervention, and decide that it has never been done successfully.

Rand Paul's Syria Bible Thumping
Why does he only seem to care about the country's Christians?
September 04, 2013

"I have nothing good to say about Assad," Kentucky Senator Rand Paul made sure to stipulate on a hurried conference call after the marathon Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on Syria yesterday.

Liz Cheney Disagrees with Herself on Syria
September 04, 2013

I know you’re running for a job, Ms. Cheney, but your past record on Syria is complicating!

The World's Worst Instagram Account
September 04, 2013

If you had asked me yesterday if there was such a thing as an evil version of a Madonna-and-child tableau, I would have said no.

Obama's True Intentions in Syria Become Clear
September 03, 2013

Tuesday's hearing on Syria at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee made for good theater. Secretary of State John Kerry was quite effective. The senators’ questions were polite, but also pointed.

Surrender Monkeys Become Interventionist Gorillas!
Paris has become Europe's leading hawk. It actually isn't an anomaly
September 03, 2013

With the British parliament’s no vote on Syria intervention, France has become President Obama’s most important ally as he plans strikes against Bashar Assad’s regime. And if the U.S.