Ta-nehisi Coates

The Paper Where Ta-Nehisi Coates Learned the Ropes
July 14, 2015

David Carr's Washington City Paper shaped two of America’s preeminent black writers.

How to Live Within a Black Body
July 10, 2015

Ta-Nehisi Coates’s “Between the World and Me” is a letter to his son, and a lesson for all of us.

I Went on a Conservative Radio Show to Talk About Slavery Reparations. This Absurd, Hilarious Debate Ensued.
May 22, 2014

The conversation ended when I accused him of being less interested in racial problems than in stirring up trouble.

The Economics of Reparations: Why Congress Should Meet Ta-Nehisi Coates's Modest Demand
May 21, 2014

We can debate reparations all we want. But we can't decide whether to make reparations until we know exactly what doing so would entail. 

Get Ready for a National Debate About Slavery Reparations
May 20, 2014

It shouldn't be so controversial. But it will.

The Conversation About Race That Rich Lowry Wants
July 18, 2013

Let’s take the advice of Politico contributor Rich Lowry. Let’s have a national non-conversation about race in the wake of the Zimmerman case.