Tammy Duckworth

Democrats to Participate in GOP Benghazi Committee—Here's Why it's a Big Mistake
May 21, 2014

The idea that Democrats' very presence on the Benghazi committee will amount to a check on overreach is oddly blind to the events of the past year and a half.

FreedomWorks Loses the Senate
November 07, 2012

FreedomWorks shot for the Senate this year, and fell far short.

Five Loopy Candidates Who Will Probably Lose
October 23, 2012

Five sexist, homophobic, and otherwise nasty Senate and House candidates who are likely to lose this November.

Coming Soon to Talk Radio
December 08, 2011

[Guest post by Molly Redden] This election cycle, one congressional race is already a comforting reminder that when a lawmaker spends more time making splashy headlines than substantive policy, he sometimes actually pays for it. That lawmaker is Representative Joe Walsh of Illinois, a Tea Party incendiary with such legislation to his name as the “Save Christmas Act”, not to mention an unsavory habit of yelling at constituents, and his competition is—well, it’s actually not clear yet.

The Chief
March 03, 2010

You think it’s so great being Rahm Emanuel?

Goodnight Saigon
August 28, 2008

Yesterday, Anthony Swofford, a Marine Corps veteran and the author of Jarhead and Exit A, previewed the Democrats' plans to honor veterans at the convention. How'd the Dems do? Here's Swofford's response: I think they might have done it. With a post-Vietnam roster of veterans speaking from the dais, the Obama campaign presented a youthful, vigorous, and engaged voting block of former warriors last night at the DNC.