How to Curb Binge Drinking: Raise Taxes on Booze
January 06, 2015

So says a new nationwide study.

Obama Should Accept Republicans' Tax Breaks for Big Business
December 02, 2014

Only because it's temporary, though.

Paul Ryan May Have Found a Trick to Make His Tax Plan Add Up
September 19, 2014

He needs a secret sauce. Could this be it?

Americans Have No Idea How Regressive Their State and Local Taxes Are
September 15, 2014

And both liberals and conservatives want them to be progressive. 

The Burger King Backlash Could Hurt the Republican Party
August 26, 2014

Republicans will look foolish protecting firms that want to opt out of the U.S. tax system.

Burger King Wants to Become Canadian to Avoid U.S. Taxes
Congress needs to close this absurd tax loophole
August 25, 2014

Congress needs to close this absurd tax loophole.

Obama's Next Target: Corporate Tax Avoiders
August 07, 2014

If Congress won't act on tax inversions, then he will.

House Republicans Are Helping People (and Corporations) Cheat on Their Taxes
July 29, 2014

And they say they're concerned about the deficit ...