An Internet Sales Tax Will Not Destroy Your Freedom
April 24, 2013

The Web is real life, where people pay their fair share. EBay users should, too.

The Case for Less
April 23, 2013

Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler say that "the future is better than you think" or than we're wired to think. But is it?

The Case for Entrepreneur Visas
April 23, 2013

Tech startups want a seat next to Facebook at the table of immigration reform.

How to Make Journalism Work on Facebook and Tumblr
April 15, 2013

The social networks' experiments in journalism ignored their most valuable asset: data. 

Want to Read the Law? It'll Cost You.
April 10, 2013

The fight to make free building regulations truly free.

How Much for That Startup?
April 01, 2013

What Amazon's purchase of Goodreads tell us about the content wars.

MOOCs of Hazard
March 31, 2013

Will online education dampen the college experience? Yes. Will it be worth it? Well...

How to Close the Tech Industry's Gender Gap
March 28, 2013

It starts in the classroom.

The Tech Community Needs to Grow Up
March 27, 2013

How one woman's tweets exposed the industry's boys club.

What Big Data Will Never Explain
March 26, 2013

Against the messianic conception of data—Big Data.