Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy, Jr. Could Be a Senator—But Only If He Wants to Be
December 20, 2012

If Ted Kennedy, Jr. runs for Sen. John Kerry's seat, he needs to explain why.

The Legal Crusade to Undermine Obamacare—and Rewrite History
December 05, 2012

Can one determined libertarian stop millions of people from getting health insurance?

Romney’s Secrecy: Did He Get Away With It?
October 31, 2012

Mitt Romney has gotten away with refusing to give up more than two years of tax returns, and much other standard disclosure. Or has he?

How Joe Trippi Found Happiness At Fox News
October 19, 2012

How did Joe Trippi end up here? Racing Karl Rove on a Segway?

Mitt Romney’s War with the Boston Globe
October 05, 2012

How Mitt Romney learned to hate the press

Mitt’s Most Human Quality: Insufferable Cheapness
October 02, 2012

Mitt Romney won't hire a contractor or pay 99 cents for an iPad app. And that's supposed to make people vote for him?

Mitt Romney, Latter-Day Neocon
August 24, 2012

IN MITT ROMNEY’S 2010 campaign book, No Apology: The Case for National Greatness, the former Massachusetts governor cites twelve countries that the United States has invaded for the “cause of freedom.” Readers expecting to learn about World War II or the downfall of Slobodan Milošević might be surprised by Romney’s list.

On the Swiss-Yachting of Mitt Romney
July 16, 2012

The day that Barack Obama went up with his most devastating ad of the 2012 campaign—quite possibly the most devastating Democratic general election ad in years—I happened to be reading Bill Marx’s review of a new Ambrose Bierce collection in the Columbia Journalism Review. It included this quote from Bierce (best known for his oft-anthologized "An Occurrence At Owl Creek") speaking about the power of ridicule:  “Ridicule, as I venture to use it myself,” wrote the author in the Chronicle in 1890, “seems to me to be the most excellent of offensive weapons because it hurts without damaging.

What Thursday’s Verdict Will Settle—and What It Won’t
June 27, 2012

The debate over health care reform’s constitutionality will reach its climax on Thursday morning, when the Supreme Court issues its ruling. But the fight over health care will go on, however the justices rule. It’s a fight that progressives should welcome, but one, I suspect, they won’t win if they keep fighting like they have been. Ever since oral arguments, when the conservative justices expressed extreme skepticism of the government’s position, supporters of the Affordable Care Act (including me) have been bracing themselves for the worst.

Mitt’s Very Awkward History On Gay Marriage
May 09, 2012

Who knows what calculations went into Barack Obama’s decision to “evolve” back to where he’d started on gay marriage in 1996. The timing is striking—after Joe Biden’s blurt on Sunday, there were a lot of pundits and activists arguing that Obama was now behind not only his vice president but most of the country on this issue. Yet he decided to make his move the day after an election, in the swing state of North Carolina, that showed to what extent this is far from a settled issue in many parts of the country, whatever the polls might say.