Teddy Kennedy

A Class Warrior, And Hits For Average Too!
November 01, 2011

It is not too much of a stretch to suggest that Democrats lost their filibuster-proof Senate majority in early 2010 -- and the seat held for decades by Teddy Kennedy -- because Martha Coakley did not know a whit about baseball and wasn't afraid to show it.

Camelot Tales
April 12, 2011

“Kate Middleton: A Kennedy?”Vanity Fair tweeted on April 1, linking to a story that purported to uncover a genealogical link between the princess-to-be and the Kennedy family. The story was based on a “never-before-seen” photograph of a little girl (who looks nothing like Middleton) sailing with Teddy Kennedy. The April Fool’s story was a nicely executed satire of the magazine’s preoccupation with America’s own royalty, but Vanity Fair has published equally ridiculous stories with a straight face—most recently, a book excerpt from an opportunistic old girlfriend of John F.

The TNR Q&A: Charles Barkley
September 01, 2008

With the political season kicking into high gear, it seemed like the right time for another chat with Sir Charles Barkley. Over the past year, he has been a vocal and active Barack Obama supporter, so we decided to talk to him about that, as well as the Democratic convention, his own future in politics, and his distressingly Luddite tendencies.   Have you been hanging out with Barack at all? Not lately. He’s busy. I talk to him, though. And obviously I wanted to be in Denver [for the DNC].

Ted Speaks
January 28, 2008

An excellent speech from Teddy Kennedy, full of allusions to his brothers (not to mention their famous speeches) and what certainly appeared to be heartfelt sentiment. The most striking part of the event was the moment when Kennedy finished talking and gave the stage over to Obama. The Illinois Senator looked genuinely moved--and perhaps a bit taken aback--by the warmth of Kennedy's comments.

The View From the Tube
August 04, 1986

In 1968 a documentary producer at CBS News had the idea of creating a television show that would resemble Life magazine. The result was “60 Minutes,” the most popular TV news program in history. Its success transformed the television magazine from a conceit into a familiar journalistic form. Today these “magazines” include, in addition to “60 Minutes,” “20/20” on ABC, “1986” on NBC, and “West 57th,” a sort of yuppie cousin to “60 Minutes,” on CBS.

Kennedy the President
September 23, 1978

Edward Kennedy favors national health insurance, everybody knows. He also favors detente with Soviet Union, a break-up of the big oil companies, immediate normalization of relations with Communist-China, the Equal Rights Amendment and Medicaid-financed abortions. He doesn't think Russian mucking about in Africa should affect our willingness to negotiate arms limitation treaties. He co-sponsored the Humphrey-Hawkins full employment bill. He publicly criticizes human rights violations in Chile, Argentina, South Africa and Nicaragua, but prefers the "quiet approach" to the Soviet Union.