Kids Are Exposed to More Fat Shaming on TV Than Adults
August 28, 2014

Over 50 percent of the shows studied featured insults about people's weight. 

Why Men Avoid Growing Up
June 13, 2014

A boy gets to play; a man doesn’t, at least not officially.

The Proportion of Young Americans Who Drive Has Plummeted—And No One Knows Why
March 12, 2014

Is it carshares, bikes, and revived cities? Or just a lousy economy and expensive gas?

LinkedIn’s New Network for Teens Is a Wasted Opportunity
October 30, 2013

LinkedIn's play for college-bound teens mimics the worst of the college-admissions racket

Don't Spy on Your Kids. Let Them Spy on Each Other.
October 29, 2013

In our most recent print issue, New Republic science editor Judith Shulevitz writes about the range of officious and downright scary technologies available to parents who want to track their kids’ every move—online and on earth.

The House GOP Wants to Throw a Temper Tantrum, and Boehner Can't Stop Them
September 27, 2013

Here’s the question to ask yourself while watching the government shutdown/debt-limit insanity play out these next few days: Is the congressional GOP a global menace, bent on destruction of an epic scale, or merely a goofy, intermittently-competent-a