Africa's Obsession with Shopping Malls
Al Shabab attacked the perfect symbol of Kenya's rise
September 23, 2013

A year ago, a friend from rural South Africa called me full of excitement. His hometown, a large village called Burgersfort, was finally “getting on the map,” he said.

The Five Next Steps the U.S. Should Take to Defeat al-Qaeda
August 09, 2013

As fifteen U.S. embassies remain shuttered across the Middle East, it’s clear that, however successful drone strikes have been at degrading al-Qaeda’s strength, the terrorist group continues to be an adaptable and resilient foe.

Why I'm Boycotting CVS, Not Rolling Stone
July 18, 2013

CVS, Walgreen’s and several other chains have announced they will not sell the August issue of Rolling Stone because of the cover story about Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Attorney-Client Privilege? Not at Gitmo
The perverse rules governing the September 11 trials
June 28, 2013

A decade after the U.S.

The Year of the Skyjacker
June 17, 2013

In 1972, they owned the skies.

Our Distorted "National Debate" Over Surveillance
June 12, 2013

Back in the mid-'80s, this country engaged in a tortuous debate over aid to Nicaragua’s Contras.

The Constitutional Amnesia of the NSA Snooping Scandal
I've seen this all before—and have an FBI file to show for it
June 10, 2013

I've seen this all before—and have an FBI file to show for it.

Against Our Values—And Bad at Keeping Us Safe
The real problem with data mining
June 07, 2013

Massive data sweeps like the NSA's recently disclosed program are an affont to Democratic values. 

The NSA Uproar Is Good for America—And Obama
Is our post-9/11, permanent-war mindset finally fading?
June 07, 2013

Is our post-9/11, permanent-war mindset finally fading?

Women and Others
May 30, 2013

The German director Margarethe von Trotta has had such a long and fascinating career that, if there were justice in these matters—which idea is laughable—she would be treasured by more than who do so now.