Thomas Sowell

The Conservative Legal Stars Who Presaged John Roberts' Health Care Decision
August 17, 2012

John Roberts's Obamacare decision followed conservative reasoning that even Paul Ryan should support.

Herman Cain Played the Race Card, But Liberals Are the Ones Who Dealt It
November 11, 2011

Let us imagine for a moment that a woman came forth claiming that Barack Obama had sexually harassed her fifteen years ago. What would the reaction be from liberal partisans, and assorted other supporters? We can easily imagine that there would be urgent questions about the motivations of the woman who came forward, and the media outlets that broke the news. There would likely be a furious attendance to the possibly “racist” aspects of the coverage.

What Richard Blumenthal, Stanley Fish, and Abe Foxman Have In Common
May 19, 2010

For Richard Blumenthal to claim that he has been “misspeaking” in implying that he fought in Vietnam rather than obtaining multiple deferments and finally waiting things out in the Marine Reserves right here at home is repulsive. I am not exactly the first one out of the gate on that. However, he is also using language in the same way a great many Americans do when doing what they think of as The Right Thing. And as speakers of English always have – as well as speakers of any human language.

Top Conservatives: Enough With The "Death Panel" Lie
August 18, 2009

Conservative columnist Thomas Sowell has written yet another column attacking the Obama administration--and advisor Ezekiel Emanuel in particular--for trying to impose harsh rationing the sick and elderly. I normally wouldn’t take Sowell’s columns on this seriously. But Sarah Palin, who quoted him in one of her now-infamous Facebook posts, does.

Have You No Decency?
August 08, 2009

Governor Palin issued the following statement on her Facebook page yesterday. I quote it in its entirety so you can judge for yourself. Statement on the Current Health Care Debate As more Americans delve into the disturbing details of the nationalized health care plan that the current administration is rushing through Congress, our collective jaw is dropping, and we’re saying not just no, but hell no!

July 02, 2001

"You want to know about the awakening? This is the awakening." Ginny Gong, a manager in the Montgomery County culture and recreation department, is crowded into the wood-paneled school board chamber in Rockville, Maryland. Squeezed into the aisles around her are a Vietnamese financial analyst from Lockheed Martin, a Chinese administrator from the National Institutes of Health, and about a dozen other activists.

July 12, 1999

Standing by her man TO THE EDITORS: I'm, neither a New Yorker nor Hillary Clintons biggest fan, but I found something troubling in Michelle Cottle's article ("The Wrong Race," June 7).

Douglass to Thomas
September 30, 1991

The Roots of Black Conservatism, From Frederick Douglass to Clarence Thomas

The Minority Minority
September 30, 1991

Last July Clarence Thomas attended a private dinner in Washington with a handful of NAACP officials. This was shortly after he’d been nominated to the Supreme Court, and Thomas hoped to soften the antipathy of the black civil rights establishment toward him. Not a chance. He was soon trashed in public statements as a snake, a black copy of David Duke, “Bork in blackface,” and putty in the hands of his conservative white wife. Gary Franks, the first black Republican elected to the House of Representatives since 1932, got better treatment, but not much.