Borking Around
December 20, 2012

Bork—and his video rental history—was this writer's Watergate.

Where Do You Put 100 Terrorist Prisoners?
November 17, 2009

The news this weekend that the administration is considering moving up to 100 Guantanamo prisoners to a little-used facility in northwest Illinois makes you wonder about the political calculation involved in the decision. As regular readers of TNR will recall, local politics has basically killed the idea of relocating prisoners to the depressed town of Standish, Michigan, whose congressman, Republican Peter Hoekstra, has made opposing the transfer a central plank of his run for governor. Will the rumored site in Thompson, Illinois, fare any better? I can see arguments in both directions.

Did Hillary's Election Strategy Work Two Years Too Late?
November 05, 2009

Remember all the talk about Hillary's "inevitability strategy" a couple years ago, and (with the benefit of hindsight, of course) how dumb it was?

Is Tintin Gay?
January 27, 2009

Of course he is, writes Matthew Parris, marshalling evidence from across the canon--Captain Haddock, Thomson and Thompson, Professor Calculus, Bianca Castafiore, Chang Chong-Cheng, and, of course, Snowy: In fact I can count only eight figures identifiable as women (about 2 per cent) from the complete list of some 350 characters among whom Tintin moves in his life. There are no young women at all, and no attractive women, in any of his adventures.  (via Andrew) --Christopher Orr

Obama By A Coin Flip
March 07, 2008

At 6 P.M. on Tuesday night, Crystal Viagran is standing on a street corner in East Austin, Texas, holding an Obama sign above her head. In less than an hour, she ditches the sign and walks toward Govalle Elementary School, the primary voting and caucus site for Precinct 426, and picks up a manila packet containing all the instructions for conducting that night's precinct convention. Crystal, 32, who works as a student adviser at the University of Texas, her alma mater, was elected precinct convention chair in 2006 by a total of three votes. That's how many people showed up to caucus.

The Times On Thompson

Is it me, or does this NYT frontpager on Fred Thompson's "stealth campaign" read like it was written three months ago--or, better yet, written by Thompson himself? Yeah, yeah, he's got a good website and it's great that NBC can run his "Law & Order" re-runs without having to worry about other candidates demanding equal time.

Paris Under Fire

MARCH 9th: Last night we had our second big air raid. As soon as the sharp sound of the explosions had died away—before the French cannonading had stopped and well before the berloque announced the end—I stuck my head out of my window. Utter blackness, blackness impenetrable, blackness that denied the very possibility of light, yet through it, on the street below, was already traveling something warm and vibrant and human: the Paris crowd. It was as if a river, obstructed for a moment, had found its normal course again.