The Times Company

Martin Baron's Plan to Save The Washington Post
December 17, 2012

D.C. changed, but the Washington Post didn't. Can Metro coverage save it now?

Paper Tigers
May 21, 2007

IT WOULD BE hard to find three families who have supported democratic principles around the world with more resolve than the Sulzbergers, the Grahams, and the Bancrofts. The first two scarcely need introduction. The Sulzbergers, of course, control The New York Times Company; Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the family’s current sovereign, is both chairman of the board and publisher of its most prized asset, The New York Times.

Low Circulation
October 26, 2006

I hope that my old friend David Geffen buys the Los Angeles Times and lifts it out of misery. If David doesn't buy it, the paper will not disappear but it will be forced deeper and deeper into misery ... misery for its readers and for its journalists. Of course, the L.A. Times is not the only major newspaper in trouble. Whole chains have been sold because their old owners despaired and the new owners thought they had some plan ... or some gimmick ... or some great illumination. There's no reason to repeat here the reasons why the country's daily printed press is floundering.