Todd Palin

General Failure: The Bizarre World of Wesley Clark’s New Reality Show
August 15, 2012

Wesley Clark wanted to be commander-in-chief. How the hero of NATO wound up becoming commander of B-list reality-TV celebrities instead.

Sarah Palin Taught Bristol Well
August 05, 2010

[Guest post by Michelle Cottle] God, what is it with the Palin women? Every time they do something stupid, their immediate response is to blame someone else. Forget Mama Grizzly’s obsession with the media haters. What is up with Bristol’s pity-me puling about her latest split with Levi? Boo hoo hoo, he lied to me about his trip to Hollywood. Boo hoo hoo, he admitted he might have knocked up another teenage girl. Boo hoo hoo, he tricked me into appearing on all those magazine covers with him.

Todd Palin Is Hillary Clinton
September 22, 2008

 So I'm reading the WaPo's front-pager today on Todd Palin, when it hits me: Todd Palin is Hillary Clinton circa 1992. As the WaPo lays it out, the major criticism leveled at Todd is that he's too involved in his spouse's governing duties but operates without any oversight or accountability. The couple is seen throughout the state's political circles as a team--"Sarah and Todd." Todd sits in on high-level meetings. He's copied on official emails. He offers counsel on a wide range of issues. He travels on state business (often at taxpayer expense).