Tom Menino

Elizabeth Warren's Other Opponent: Mumbles Menino
April 10, 2012

Scott Brown may not be Elizabeth Warren’s only opponent after all. In late March, Boston Mayor Tom Menino was asked by a television host if he was leaning toward a particular candidate in the Massachusetts senate race. Seems like an odd question. Wouldn’t a high-profile Democratic pol happily wield his influence to help reclaim Ted Kennedy’s seat? Not this one.  Menino, as is his wont, mumbled something--to the effect of “it’s a secret ballot”--and refused to endorse either candidate. This is not your typical political politesse.

Why It’s So Hard to Tell Where Mayor Bloomberg Stands on Occupy Wall Street
October 24, 2011

Last weekend’s Saturday Night Live opened with a gray-haired Fred Armisen as Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Donning a jacket with lapel pins and a blue tie, Armisen spoke in a dry cadence that amplified the mayor’s at once lenient but strident response to the Occupy Wall Street protests pitched at Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan. “Occupy Wall Street, I’m on your side,” said Armisen’s Bloomberg. “Come to New York and let your voice be heard. You’ll be treated with dignity and respect by the city and the police.

'Mayor Mumbles' Wins The Race
November 04, 2009

Last night, Tom Menino was reelected to an unprecedented fifth term as mayor of Boston. How did he do it? As Jason Zengerle wrote for the magazine in June, "Mayor Mumbles" may have been challenged by a youthful opponent, but Menino had the advantage of being very well known: "[I]n a major city of nearly 600,000 people, could a statistically significant portion of the populace actually have met their mayor? As it turns out, in Tom Menino's Boston, the answer is yes; according to the Globe's poll, a remarkable 57 percent of them, in fact." Click here to read the profile.

'Boring As Hell'
October 26, 2009

BOSTON -- Mayor Tom Menino looks around the elevator and reaches instinctively for the hand of the only person in the car he's never met. "Where are you from?" he asks the young man. "Somerville," the young man replies. The mayor almost recoils. "Somerville!" he exclaims with a dismissive wave--there are no votes for him in Somerville--and then says a word that sounds like: "Echhh!" It was a revealing moment for a mayor destined to go down as an American political legend. If Menino is re-elected on Nov.

Boston's Mayor for Life
September 23, 2009

It's hard to see how Tom Menino won't secure a history-making fifth term as Boston's mayor after yesterday's preliminary election--held to narrow the four candidate field down to two--in which he won a resounding 50.5 percent of the vote.

Time For Another Beer Summit?
August 05, 2009

Remember the Boston cop who wrote the racist email about Gates-gate? He's suing: He's demanding unspecified damages for his pain and suffering - and an end to efforts by Police Commissioner Ed Davis and Mayor Tom Menino to bounce him from the force, at least without a hearing. I guess there was no way this whole thing wouldn't produce at least one lawsuit. --Jason Zengerle

Uncommon Ground
July 15, 2009

In May, The Boston Globe conducted a poll to find out what Bostonians think of their city's mayor, Tom Menino. Most of the questions were common to public-opinion surveys about elected officials: Do you approve or disapprove of the way he is doing his job? Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of him?