Tony Blair

Tony Blair Has Another Repressive Central Asian Autocracy to Sell You
January 05, 2015

The ex-prime minister and his colleague cash in while human rights are ignored. 

It's Not You, It's Me: Britain's Nasty Break-Up With Europe
December 04, 2012

The UK's accelerating drift from the EU.

Should The New York Times' New President Pay a Price for the BBC Sex-Abuse Scandal?
November 01, 2012

Following the BBC Scandal, the NYT's new CEO--Mark Thompson, who previously ran the BBC--needs to go.

Tony Blair Responds
September 19, 2012

Dear Sir  It’s with huge disappointment that I read Ken Silverstein’s unbalanced and vindictive article. It is one thing to disagree with Mr Blair’s views but it is something entirely different to not reflect our side of the argument simply because the facts don’t fit the story. I spent a considerable amount of time explaining Mr Blair’s work, the work of his charities and the fact that much of his work is done pro-bono—none of this has been reflected in the article.

Buckraking Around the World With Tony Blair
September 14, 2012

The sanctimonious former prime minister is being paid millions to pal around with corrupt dictators.

Mad Murdoch Maligns Mousy Mitt
August 24, 2012

What's behind Rupert Murdoch's mistrust of Romney?

Highland Games
June 23, 2012

IN APRIL 1945, there was a parliamentary by-election in Motherwell, a steel town east of Glasgow and a seemingly safe Labour seat. Since the day almost five years earlier when Winston Churchill formed the great all-party government that waged and won the war, there had been a “party truce.” Special elections had been uncontested among the coalition partners (Tory, Labour, and Liberals), though that didn’t stop independents or downright cranks from running—and sometimes winning.

Right vs. Write
February 22, 2012

When a new right-wing website, The Washington Free Beacon, launched in February, Matthew Continetti, its 30-year-old editor-in-chief, kicked off the proceedings with an aggressive manifesto titled “Combat Journalism.” The essay laid out the history of conservative alienation from the mainstream media, which Continetti referred to as the “wolf pack” or, borrowing a line from Tony Blair, “the feral beast.” Conservatives, Continetti argued, had been outplayed by a host of institutions on the left, like the Center for American Progress (CAP) and MoveOn, which are better at promoting their views t

Why Is the Press Spending So Much Time Obsessing About Libya?
September 08, 2011

The U.S. economy being what it is, it should come as no surprise that most Americans, including the minority with a keen interest in foreign policy, have been focused on domestic issues. What is less understandable is why that internationally-minded remnant should have been so concerned with events in Libya to the virtual exclusion of any other part of the world. This has been particularly true of mainstream liberals, and the media outlets that reflect their views, above all the New York Times, CBS, ABC, and NBC.

Britain’s Embarrassing Collective Response to the London Riots
August 27, 2011

With the passing consolations of a royal wedding and a triumph at cricket, England endures a turbulent summer, as riots sweep through the cities, newspapers fulminate, and politicians pontificate. Yes, 1981 seems almost like yesterday—which makes it eerier that history should repeat itself just 30 years on. And repeat is the word. Four nights which saw a wave of looting and pillaging have been followed by two weeks in which the country has been swept by another wave, of blather and bluster driven by hot air. This tsunami of pontification has been as predictable as it was pointless.