Toyota Prius

Rush Limbaugh v. the Volt
August 02, 2010

The Chevrolet Volt was supposed to symbolize the resurgence of America's car industry while fostering energy independence.

More On Right-Wing Scofflaw Mine Operator
April 08, 2010

Yesterday, I flagged an embryonic attempt by conservatives -- in this case, Chris Stirewalt of the Washington Examiner -- to defend right-wing coal mine operator Don Blankenship, one of whose mines recently exploded and killed two dozen workers. Stirewalt scoffs at the possibility that Blankenship ignored safety standards: We don’t know what caused the explosion – an electric arc, a spark from metal on metal, etc.

Are Feebates Such A Hot Idea?
August 13, 2009

Via Dave Roberts, a handful of Democratic and Republican senators are now touting a bill to set up a more promising variation on the "cash-for-clunkers" concept—namely, feebates. The idea here would be to slap an excise tax on gas-guzzlers that don't meet CAFE standards and recycle the money into rebates for efficient cars that beat CAFE standards. The fees and rebates would all sit on a sliding scale, so that the more efficient the car, the bigger the rebate (while bigger gas-guzzlers get hit with bigger fees).

The Green Bubble

SOMETIME AFTER THE release of An Inconvenient Truth in 2006, environmentalism crossed from political movement to cultural moment. Fortune 500 companies pledged to go carbon neutral. Seemingly every magazine in the country, including Sports Illustrated, released a special green issue. Paris dimmed the lights on the Eiffel Tower. Solar investments became hot, even for oil companies. Evangelical ministers preached the gospel of “creation care.” Even archconservative Newt Gingrich published a book demanding action on global warming. Green had moved beyond politics.